What’s In the Box?!?

If you are asking that question right now, I assure you the answer is far more innocent than the one Brad Pitt received in 1995. Poor Paltrow…

I am often asked what brands of makeup that I use, personally and professionally. I am not going to delve into what I keep in  my makeup kit because I am pretty sure I would max out my upload limit, but I have decided that today I am going to show you what I keep in my personal makeup case.  I have had to master the art of space-saving so you are going to notice that I am able to keep a pretty big array of product in a very small area.

Before we begin I am going to start by saying I hugely recommend every product I am going to show you. Each one I have used for a long enough time to know I love them, and any product I buy that doesn’t keep to that standard does not go in my personal case. I stuff it in a drawer to later donate to a friend, or to never speak of it again…

Here's what I keep it all in- an old Glossybox! It's incredibly sturdy and is just the right size.

Here’s what I keep it all in- an old Glossybox! It’s incredibly sturdy and is just the right size.


My skin products from left to right:
Revlon Colorstay for Combo/Oily skin in 150 “Buff”
Revlon Colorstay concealer (I use for blemishes) in 02″Light”
Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle eraser in 20 “Light”
Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle eraser in 60 “Brightener”
Maybelline Dream Matte Pressed Powder in “Cream”
Everyday Minerals Matte Base in “Fairly Light Neutral”


My cheek products from left to right:
Sleek Makeup Face Contour Kit in 884 “Light”- An excellent highlight and contour.
Kryolan for Glossybox Blusher in “Glossy Rosewood”
Tony Moly Lip and Cheek Tint in “Red Apple”
Elf Shimmering Facial Whip in “Lilac Petal”- An excellent and much less expensive alternative to Benefit Highbeam.


My mascara, eyeliners, and brow products from left to right:
L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara in “Carbon Black”
Maybelline Line Stiletto Liquid Eyeliner in “Blackest Black”
Maybelline Master Drama Eye Pencil in “Midnight Master”- GREAT for your waterline.
Elf Eyebrow Treat and Tame in “Ash”
Essence Kajal Pencil in “Taupe Me!”
The reason I love those brow products so much is that they have very little red undertone to them, and aren’t TOO ashy. This is a difficult combo to find in drugstore products.


My lip products:
I own every single Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stain. I have a color for every occasion, which is excellent because I am not kidding when I say I wear one of these every single day of my life. You will never see me not wearing one. Even if I decide to wear a different lipstick I guarantee you I always have one of these mixed with it. They are moisturizing, pigmented, and last forever. They also have a yummy minty smell.


My eyeshadows:
Sleek Makeup iDivine Eyeshadow Palettes in 601 “Au Naturel”, 731 “Ultra Matts V2″, and 578 “Storm”. I find these three palettes are just small enough to not become cumbersome, and offer an excellent array of shimmer vs matte and neutral vs bright. They are creamy, extremely pigmented, have limited fallout, and very long lasting.
Elf Long Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow in “Toast”, “Gala” and “Party”. I consider these to be my “going out” shadows. They are ridiculously glittery and have excellent staying power.
Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal Cream Eyeshadow in “Barely Branded”- This is my go-to eyeshadow base. When I layer this underneath my eyeshadow it lasts for-ev-er.

Well now you have seen it all, you’ve seen my makeup box and there is no going back. We may as well get married now, or at least move in together.

Feel free to comment down below and let me know what YOU keep in your makeup bag! Also,if you have any questions about the products I have listed I would be more than happy to help a sista out.

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17 thoughts on “What’s In the Box?!?

  1. I’ll have to try the Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stains. I’m not too fond of jumbo tip but now I’m curious. :) Where do you get the Sleek pallets….sistah can always use more shadow! Thanks for stopping by my blog!:)

    • Thank you so much for reading! I had to order the matte Sleek palette on ebay because for some reason Sleek does does ship that particular one to Canada, but the rest I ordered online directly from them. If you are going to make an order I also highly recommend the highlight/ contour kit and their pout paints.

  2. My “makeup bag” is 2 MAC pro cases full to bursting, a completely jammed MAC brush roll with every brush you can imagineand a TEMPTU pro airbrush. My current favorites? S/B temptu airbrush foundation, anything by make up forever – everything they make is built to perform on a professional level, giorgio armani eyes to kill mascara in black, bobby brown shadows and lipsticks (too many good ones to list),Dior’s bb cream when i m in a rush and last but not least urban decay shadow primer and all nighter make up setting spray. My bathroom and dressing room look like a sephora. I personally do not like drugstore brands. I don’t find they last, are true to color, stay where they are supposed to and make me break out. I used all of the above for my wedding party this year and no one had to retouch anything, even after tears.

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