Ingredient of the Month: Eucalyptus Oil

Some of you may not believe this, but I am a simple girl. I don’t like to do things that require a lot of fuss, and I prefer to have a very uncluttered home. On this note, if I can find a product that is truly multipurpose and that has a myriad of uses throughout my home, my god I am a happy woman. Today we take a trip to the land down under and explore the world of  Australia’s most famous shrub: Eucalyptus, and the essential oil derived from it.

  • Make your own fabric softener with this magical oil. Put 20 drops in a spray bottle and fill the rest with vinegar. After you put your load of laundry in the dryer (and before you turn it on) spray this concoction on the damp clothes 10-15 times. Your clothes will be so very soft, and will smell extremely fresh.

  • Adapt this recipe by diluting it half with water and using as a fabric deodorizer. Use just like you would Febreze. It works just as effectively, and is a fraction the price.

  • Eucalyptus oil has tonnes of uses when you are sick. Put a couple of drops in the bottom of your shower before you turn it on and it will help clear your nasal passages and lungs. Dilute it with almond oil for a vapo-rub alternative, or simply rub a couple of drops under your nose as a replacement for nose spray.

  • Make your own insect repellant! Take 15 drops eucalyptus oil, 5 drops cinnamon oil, 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar, and half cup of water. Mix well, and spritz it all over. Works like a charm.

  • It even has anti-microbial properties! Add eucalyptus to your own homemade cleaner (a simple vinegar and water mixture is my personal favourite) and you will boost its cleaning power exponentially. Want some more ideas for home made cleaner? Try here.

  • Make your own muscle rub. Once again add some to almond oil and rub all that stress away.

  • Sore throat? Make your own antiseptic gargle by adding one drop of oil to a cup of water. I strongly warn you not to swallow this mixture though, and do not use this remedy on children.

  • Replace Goo-Gone! Goo-Gone is a product used to remove that gummy residue left from stickers or tape (and many other things). Just take straight eucalyptus oil and saturate the end of a washcloth. Rub to your hearts content and that sticky grossness will be out of your life forever.

  • Add some eucalyptus oil (about 10 drops) to your bottle of shampoo and mix well. This will help promote hair growth, battle dandruff, and improve elasticity leading to less breakage.

Now, I assume you are expecting me to wrap up today’s blog by making some joke about koalas, but I am never a woman to do the expected. Besides, I don’t think I have the necessary koalafications.


Feel free to comment down below and let me know what YOU use eucalyptus oil for! Also, if you want to be filled in on everything Alkeme Beauty is up to find me on-




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 -For Josie, my lovely Aussie friend who although she is far away remains almost as big of a fan of me as I am of her.


16 thoughts on “Ingredient of the Month: Eucalyptus Oil

  1. Hun, do you have any recommendations for where I could order it from? I’ve been looking into using essential oils, but a bit clueless at where to look for them. Would Body Shop have them?

    • I too have heard good things about Mountain Rose Herbs. Most health food stores should stock essential oils as per below. As well you can order them online from companies that stock ingredients for making your own skincare products. If you are in England (your blog seems to use pounds instead of dollars) I would order from My sister lives in London and I had her bring some stuff over from them and was pleased with the quality.

      • How good is the World Wide Web?! Whilst I like to shop local it is also good not to be restricted to only the things available in the country you live in (especially when you live on a group of small islands at the bottom of the world – New Zealand in my case).

        Glad to hear Aromantic works for you. And thanks for the timely reminder that you all changed to the Euro some time ago – you’d think I could remember that by now).

  2. Nice article on one of my favorite essential oils. I use it in a lot of the same ways you mentioned here and it is my go to for stuffy sinus or sinus headaches – the shower method being my preferred way to apply it. By the way, thanks for the follow on my blog.

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  4. I LOVE eucalyptus oil. It has such a fresh, clean smell. I live in New Zealand (next door to Australia) and there are eucalyptus trees at the top of my street. I love to crush their leaves between my fingers on my walk home.

    I used to love adding some to the water when I washed the floors – the whole house would smell divine. Now my man-fellow does the floors and this is a good reminder to get him to pop some eucalyptus oil in the steam mop (amazing the tasks a man will do around the home if he can use a gadget to do them).

  5. I’m impressed, I have to say. Really hardly ever do I encounter a blog that’s each educative and entertaining, and let me inform you, you could have hit the nail on the head. Your idea is excellent; the difficulty is something that not enough people are talking intelligently about. I am very pleased that I stumbled across this in my seek for one thing relating to this.

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